MOP is an artist-run-initiative. The gallery was set up in 2003 and continues to show emerging and established artists. Three of a Perfect Pair presents work by four different artist collaborations.

Since 2005, Jaki Middleton & David Lawrey have worked collaboratively on a number of projects. Their collaborative practice draws on popular visual culture, art history and cinematic traditions to create works that engage the viewer via optical phenomena, juxtaposition and repetition. Incorporating sculpture, photography, pre-cinematic optical devices and museum inspired displays, their works appropriate iconic snippets of film and video art; re-staging these fragments in new visual contexts in order to observe, break-down and reconfigure familiar narratives.

Both David and Jaki are involved with the Australian contemporary art magazine runway, David as the Assistant Editor, and Jaki as the Managing Editor.

Soda_Jerk (Dan & Dominique Angeloro) are two Sydney-based remix artists working across the areas of video, photo-collage and installation. They work exclusively with found material, recombining fragments of film footage, audio samples and vintage image culture. For this show at MOP they have presented a two-screen projection of collaged footage of songs sampled from the 1940s and 1980s. A playful interaction happens between the two dance eras as Tip, Tap and Toe on one video appear to ‘dance off’ against New York City Breakers on the second video.

Richard Nova-Milne and wife Stephanie, aka Ms & Mr, are two Sydney-based artists. Ms & Mr alter their personal histories by inserting each other into imagery from their childhoods. Ms & Mr begin to ‘create a shared history’ and present a blurred narrative which sees them infiltrate each other’s memories. This process suggests the creation of a ‘parallel world’. A sci-fi futuristic structure houses a home video of Richard as a boy which has been reworked to feature the grown-up Stephanie who is seen interacting with her future husband. Ms & Mr are represented by the Kaliman gallery in Sydney.

Fontana Amstrada is James and Eleanor Avery’s new installation, combining references to rationalist architecture with early computer game iconography, given a bit of an Italian inflection. In 2008, the British born artists completed a residency at the British School in Rome and are currently on a residency in Sydney. Fontana Amstrada continues James and Eleanor’s interest in Rome’s fascist era architecture, merged with a sci-aesthetic.