There Goes The Neighbourhood - Redfern and the Politics of Urban Space

This exhibition was curated by Zanny Begg & Keg de Souza and was shown at Performance Space, Sydney, May - June 2009. In 2006 the curators both lived in Redfern and were interested in working together on an artistic study of the area. As a collaboration they were keen to document and archive their local environment. Redfern was already experiencing urban changes and gentrification. However, they were soon displaced from this inner city 'ghetto' to cheaper suburbs of Sydney. This exhibition includes works and projects from art collectives and artists exploring gentrification, social issues and community activism from different cities around the world.

SquatSpace - Redfern/Waterloo Tour of Beauty

SquatSpace began organising tours of Redfern - by walking, cycling and mini bus - providing first hand experiences of the area and led by local residents or people with intimate knowledge of the landmarks and local politics of the area. During the exhibition SquatSpace organised a tour on May 31st 2009.

Michael Rakowitz - White Man Got No Dreaming

In 2008 Rakowitz presented a multimedia installation built with community involvement at the 16th Biennale of Sydney. Rakowitz writes: 'For over a decade now, I have maintained a socially engaged practice that has intersected with other fields and processes such as architecture, international trade, cooking and archeology.' In 'Here Goes The Neighbourhood' he presents printed copies of a series of drawings depicting life on The Block. The artist worked closely with residents from The Block - an area of Redfern which has been handed back to the Indigenous people of the land.

Evil Brothers - Ghost Train

Ned & Tom Sevil work with abandoned and forgotten spaces. They are involved with community activism and are interested in the role of collaboration between artists and the community to bring about social change. For this exhibition, the duo created a cardboard structure which the viewer would navigate through using modified spray cans as torches. The light would illuminate the cut-out street scenes of a neighbourhood.

Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro - Cordial Home Project 2003

Their collaborative work is sculptural and installation based. They use abandoned and discarded objects and spaces to construct monumental assemblages. In Cordial Home Project they dismantle a suburban house, transport and rearrange the building materials with precision in a gallery space. In 'There Goes The Neighbourhood' photographs document this process and help to create a narrative surrounding displacement.